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Related article: Date: Wednesday, January 2 94 09th 09 30th -0800 From: Giggles Emellie u003cegiggles moose -mail. com u003e Subject: The gentlemen's club : Ben ( Revised) The Gentlemen ' s Club S Ben by Lady poet. Copyright c 1999th feel free to copy and distribute the time they Russian Pedo leave credits and intact the author's note below. If you earn money with the game good, good for you, but please send me some of egiggles moose -mail. ! com note n author : This is really a part of a fantasy fiction fan going on about a fictional group of friends in New York, poker games weekly are the basis for of his history of the search for love and laughter. These friends are - inexplicably in the circumstances ! - Dead Ringers on some music and films celebrities, obscure or well known, I think it's worth a Russian Pedo read or two. men and their lives represented here have nothing in common with the true them, other people in appearance and name. I am not speculation about their sexual orientation or personal history. Once again the day beforerything is strictly fiction, except for the character of a good appearance. Sue Me, a waste of time, as honestly, frankly, I am penniless. PROLOG It was a perfect day for a wedding. It's not just a civil ceremony to gay marriage remained bleak, if you look at the legality, , but the Russian Pedo lucky groom, Jonathan Ben Affleck did not care. that watched as the man who had chosen his friend went to the grass path n. John Denver was in their simple but elegant, glossy dark brown suit, white shirt, silk smooth, the only marks the golden glow his short hair and golden eyes of the iris. Jonathon Affleck felt like the luckiest man in the world. At that time there was a cry, followed by angry shouts terror. Jonathon seen, mouth open, like a Mercedes crashed in the of routine coverage. A disheveled -looking Ben crashed the car with the right to go into the reception wedding cake there. Ben Affleck, black chickpeas, got off the car, called SOMething to John, Jonathon could not be heard above the tumult. scattered guests, not far enough in another witness Ben Affleck disaster, of course. John was pale, and began to Jonathon surprise run in the opposite direction. " Johnny! " Jonathon crying for her love. Ben jumped up and fell on John. She fell heavily and rolled a along the grass and wept indeed, obscenity, and who fought the other. Then came another car, a Jaguar this time, thank God, through the more conventional - on the road - and saw Jeremy Northam Jonathan, Ethan Hawke, Stephen Gately, and some friends Ben. They included a the fight John Ben 's car and left. " My Wedding " said Jonathon later. He wondered if he could get a reimbursement from the catering company. ONE John Denver, actually Matthew Russian Pedo Paige Damon, cursing under his breath stinking gag n. Bound in the most shameful way in the back of the car of his nemesis ' No, he was indignant tones. " Whoa, reduce orNo bad words or have to wash your mouth out with soap, " said Geza Affleck Ben easily. " Do you really think, and I we have the way with him ? " The idea of ​​what made them almost succeeded Matt Ben Zorn boil. Matt also known as John Denver, Peter Josephson alias alias another million names of seven other heir had deceived gullible strange to various assets in the last five years. was just luck that Ben Matt discovers his true identity, hell, even Ben greeted the man smart enough to do the with so many victims, but the family of the family. your s if Affleck had disinherited, if he did not fall. looking at the mirror, I could see why Ben was so successful Matt though. Matt was nice, but her face lacked any distinguishable function. Ben had compared different snapshots of Matt in different incarnations, and if Ben had not spent nights to memorize everything \\ \\ n Matt's train of insipid beauty, would not have recognized. Mattface senseless was his greatest asset - the face was almost elastic his ability to get the right panels. A mustache and some stubble and is a single slope could be reproduced on another person to change completely. The only Ben could see Matt was way through these eyes full of life and pure electricity , which rose through the senses every time Ben was in the company Russian Pedo of Matt n. First it was "John" when presented Jonathon seen. Jonathan was the one only still spoke to Ben Foster, after the debacle with the account. And Ben had just fallen in lust with John at first sight. Even now, Ben felt a dry mouth as he watched Matt. The fight had defined the shirt Matt came out of his pants, exposing large pale good abdominal muscles. Matt golden hair fell over his eyes, , and the pale man's face was flushed. Ben liked the pink in the Matt's face, and he would give everything to this rosy in Matt's face when they see Ben finally took mate. Oh, yes, I had no qualitativeFucking Matt LMS First, the man came out in your system before handing Russian Pedo the man the police. Matt was not sensitive to virgin, the man was an impostor, a gigolo. Matt stumbled when Ben pushed him into the living room. It was never before Ben's house, which was three hours outside of Los Angeles. Well, he thought stupid, and the furniture simple and low male ornamental decoration. There is no abstract art or sculpture apprehensive Jonathon platform. Ben City had the essentials - Matt saw two plush sofa, the largest TV s that he had never seen, a video player and sophisticated laser - swore a great team of music Matt, it would take with him when he left, and, surprisingly, a wall lined with shelves full of books. Nice. Then all the admiration of the house left when Ben took him and threw on the shoulder like a sack of flour. Matt screamed outrage, but the joke was Russian Pedo on the road. Besides emotion shivered through his spine and his libido aroused at the thought of Ben misleadingconcealed lanky so hard. And then I felt well muscled Matt Ben's shoulders under the belly and rub his knees in the chest hard Ben against the soft silk shirt Ben. It was all Matt was not jumping to Ben and shocking something when Jonathon first took him to his brother. Ben had a game of squash in the the club ready, and Matt was not looking at the touch of hair sticking out the collar of Ben and exposed to the sweaty, hard muscular legs thanks Ben n gourd shorter than the short - Shorts. then sprang from self -Ben quiet strength and power. The way in which these movements thighs when Ben ran around the yard joked Matt dreams of nights n after he was wounded his philandering ass and thighs of the powerful between her thighs. Jonathon is soon doomed to painful sessions frustrating fantasy where Matt bite tongue with shouts when he left the name of Ben. Now the horror and shame suffused, as he felt his cock swell Ben in the chest, just below the left nipple of Ben. I could not help it his bulky step down at the man He came to his senses when he fell into a bed. Ben's bed ? thought it was cream his pants. Then anger, when riots steel cold felt near the wrists, then ankles. He was handcuffed a a bed with her legs open. " No, that will keep you busy for a few hours, while to figure out what to do with you. " Ben smirked then pulled the gag Matt 's mouth. " Fuck you ! " Matt yelled and fought for his imprisonment. " I n repeat par. When out of jail I'm a fucking bullet in the set pathetic skull. " "You get your application, part of the prison, I feel for you , son of a bitch. " Ben's expression became almost cruel, as he mocked. " And to end this macho bravado. I remind you are at my mercy now? Light, that was a bullet in his whole damn miserable head, and where thereULD chase me. " " Fuck you. " " I can Russian Pedo not hire lawyers to defend myself, make it a self-defense. Hell, only hides her body and no one would be wiser. I do not think anyone would be does not matter. You're just a drop in life, good for nothing parasite. "Ben smiled. " Ouch. You look suicidal. Have I been right ? " " I'll get it, " Matt said. " Nobody messes with my family, Matt. I can not afford. Nothing personal, really. " " Your family does not love you, " Matt fired back, doing everything possible to make fun of. " Everyone thinks you're a fucking idiot bastard. " " Well, has this stupid shit in the ass, Matt. You better remember that and be kind to me. "Ben stood Russian Pedo up. " Want some coffee ? " " What will you do to me? "Matt could not help but wonder if Ben was leaving the room. " "Do not know, Ben said sincerely. Can DOS Ben could not sleep that night. He was intensely aware of Matt in the room next door, tail and knew it. He was a proudND, urging the top of Ben take what was so close at hand. And why should not he ? Matt was a liar , a nobody. However, Ben felt remorse. Of course, screwed the year, if they were rich, you can always find lovers who wish. He was not is a very nice man, had seduced and disposable. But the idea of ​​ Matt was Russian Pedo strangely repugnant to him. Ben groaned and his erection into the softness of the mattress, a substitute sad Russian Pedo pressed by a hot tight ass, really. No one had ever been so near madness as Matt, even though Ben was fifteen and that shit everything that moves. Ben was in constant fever since he met Mat. Other men could not reduce his advantage, hell, these men were not even close substitutes. He wanted Matt, Matt only, and no one else, and damned if knew what was so special about Matt. Ben opened his mouth and opened up her thighs and buttocks. finger his way through the tight ring of muscle guarding in the anus while ground his take the mattress, imagining Matt extended the invitation to him. He buried his cock in this black hole delicious, and it would be just fuck until both have no more that shit coming. He felt the heat from seeping under the belly and groaned when he saw a that he ejaculated on the bed. Trembling with pleasure, gasped, pushed his finger deep into the anus, pumping short bursts. It was that is, as it seemed hours before he buried his face bathed in sweat n in the pillow and felt his balls as his cock contraction burst the last his semen. Matt could not sleep, when I knew that Ben was at his side. Therefore, if Ben opened the door, Matt thought he was dreaming. Ben was naked, gloriously naked and swallowed Matt. Tense tight muscles in the chest of Ben and belly and thighs, looked like a Greek marble statue of blood. penis protruding from the thick dark hair pubic could push hard enough to rival statues Greek soft tip that proudlymoistened with a lustrous sheen and veins thick clear. Matt wanted to mourn when his wish was opened a creamy sperm sight generously spread on the lower stomach Ben and tangled undergrowth in the pubic area. " Obviously, you have started the party early," he managed to say. Ben did not answer. He reached the table and pulled out a pair of scissors. Cold Russian Pedo Fear crept into Matt 's senses. "Ben, be reasonable, " he said, adding that. " Shut up," Ben said hoarsely. Matt seemed delighted when Ben put the scissors in the chest. SNIP, the first button on Matt was gone. Snip, snip, snip, one by one, and watched Matt , like Ben cut open his shirt. "Beautiful", was heard to Ben, then Ben moaned as his shirt was removed destroyed to play Matt 's chest. " This is what Jonathan said : " Matt could not say otherwise. Ben was a fierce growl. The violence led to Matt surprised. A hangover, then stripped Matt Matt Ben and pain plagued the moment, Ben pushed his cock until Matt without preparations. " Hell, at least with a rubber band," Matt said as the pain mixed with pleasure. "Rubber shit," Ben said, pushing deeper and narrow passage Matt grand y slippery. " Fuck you. " "me! Damn it, I refuse to fuck without a condom. 'S, growled a little later. " " Ben paused, tense all muscles barely contained violence. "No no rubber 're kidding," said Matt. " Russian Pedo I went out and I forgot to buy some more," said Ben. saw Matt, n its well-defined square jaw tense. "Please tell me you're not so anal fucking like rubber. Not now. " " You are quite right I am, " Matt fired back, instinctively as his control over the cock of Ben. " Yeah? Why you're holding my dick like a fucking press "was Ben A short press on until roughly, Matt was a cry of lament to feel pleasure, that dick rubbed his prostate. " fuck the rubber. I want to fuck. " " I can not, what should I do? " Matt cried when Ben was anotherIn axial, by clicking on the penis deeper than anyone had. "Oh ! " Abrupt withdrawal Ben had deprived him of calling the disappointment. It s saw the man stunned surprise. " Let it never be said, I'm not politically correct," said Ben did. It s looking at his cock after Matt. He pointed a shaking finger at the man. "However, You can not always get away with it. You're still a way to be fucked u another. " " Ben". "What? " Ben shouted. " Come here. " " Why? " Laughed Mat. "There is so suspiciously similar. Come here. Sit on the breast of my s. " " Ah. " Ben got back in bed.. "I see" Then Matt had closed the mouth on the tail of Ben - Cleaning and saw Ben no. Ben, when he awoke, he felt someone sucking his erection in the morning. It was Enjoy Russian Pedo the expert oral, lick and suck. The language in the cock of her s licked the crack, which was also leaking now clear drops lubrication in anticipation of a royal fucking, licking the juices as E nf Ben was a fucking lollipop. Then the language is less sensitive along the crest and Ben 's tail, take the rough texture of the tongue sensitive nerves in this area, crazy. Hot Lips rubbed his penis penis, tongue tracing the veins prominent, then down. Ben had the feet of Matt freed last night that Matt is moving to lower the body of Ben. then n of the mouth was the fuse. This time, Ben, I could not. that is pushed upward, and deeper into the neck of Matt. One of the axes, two, then, was the mouth Matt's like a geyser in nature and splash throat swallow. Matt fingers dug into his rock hard rolls, and Ben ejaculate was seen again to judge clearly the addition of Matt to whispers joy. " Are you sure you do not do this," asked Ben and Matt had a finger trace forgiven if both were tired of laziness later. "There's only so much impact commands us to do both, you know. " Matt licked the way of his own sperm in the right messageDGE Ben lips. "I want you to be degraded and dirty when you realize you have With just a little fucked up life. " " Ouch. But we need both of them. I love you," said Ben. Matt felt a warm glow in his chest when he heard the heavy gravity of Ben in the last three words. " Do you love me ? " He asked stupidly. " Since you brought Jonathon into the club. There is something about that makes me hard. I remain difficult," whispered Ben. " See? " "Maybe if you let go of my hands I can kiss you. " "No!" Ben smiled mischievously, Matt finds a compelling vision. "As I said , you are a hoax. " " There is no shame. " Said Matt, just relaxed and ran his toes a along the hairy leg Ben. " Why against? " Ben followed the gentle curve of the back of Matt. "Broken family ? " N "You've been watching the talk of more. " I knew But Ben. I had to read the records under Matt, obtained via less than legal means. Matt was an abusive way to his uncle who raised threw it on the road when Matt was twelve. Matt was arrested for everything from theft to prostitution to extortion. At fifteen, Matt was sent to a reformatory. Ben " Maybe I had" agreed. THREE Ben looked at the big screen of condoms at the supermarket. He shrugged, n and swept six boxes placed in your cart. " Good morning ", he said, happy the child looked at him in amazement. was on top of the world, if the truth were told. It was really stupid, , but here she was shopping in Russian Pedo a supermarket spoiled for the first time in his , and pampered life, and liked. He said purchases is a carton of milk, some chocolate and pistachio ice cream tub. added to the as he entered the alley, and added four more boxes of rubber n. " Egads, you're buying," came a familiar voice. " Well, Greg, is not always the first time. " He glanced at Greg basket n. " Cooking Spree again? " " Cheaper than therapy. " Greg raised an eyebrow at Ben s purchases. " Ten? " He blushed Ben, fuck, that aceventually flushed. Maybe ten, pushed him a little. " Yes, ten," he said in a tone that Greg, dared to contradict him. " Any chance to use it with the Convention which is entrenched in his position?" "I can see again Jeremy blabbing. " N " Hey, no business mine. Just ask me, that's all. I hate it, see the wounded man. " " Man, what would deceive me? is my family who tried, that is, "said Ben. "Hell, the way you cut your family from losing a contract, I'd say good s for these people. " Greg smiled, her soft features otherwise now bask beauty delighted that your partner today. " Be careful. " "Not for me," Ben said at the retreat back to Greg. "Yes? " Greg looked back, eye damage. "Think about it. You are allergy to dairy products. So why are there two cubes of ice in your cars? " " are actually for -. Shit "Ben looked at his cart full of horror. No, he said as he walked home on a wild speed. No way, no way o accursed. Hand bought ice Russian Pedo because he wanted to, not because Matt mentioned in passing that he liked this kind of ice. Although some insidious he whispered gleefully, when Matt was still nothing to him was, why the hell is he thinking? Why? It was with despair when he broke into the room, even Matt captive and said, "Let's fuck. " Ben was stunned. Matt was free, sitting quietly in bed. " You are off. " Russian Pedo " Of course I am," said Matt. shit. No wonder Matt had to go shopping before Ben was. Ben Matt foolishly left to fend for themselves. He entered the room. " Hey, do not move. " Matt took a pocket knife. "I would not do this on your ". " So I want you can go from here ? " " will not hurt, will it be? " Matt unbuttoned his shirt he was wearing, in fact Ben s shirt pants and shook again Ben. "If you do not mind to step aside, I'll start - aaggghhhh " Ben lost control. Matt He started on the right in the way, if blade sharp looking. He Russian Pedo felt satisfaction in the short wild when Matt - maybe instinctive - pulled the sheet off the road. They fell on the bed, Ben on Matt. Ben looked at Matt with fear, eyes and uttered his now ever hardening cock men in the crotch. "I will not let you out to me," Ben said, his voice hard. " No, if we have to Unfinished Business. " Eyes Matt were mixed in a glaze of desire to moderation. " Do not do this, Ben, please. " When Ben got his down his pants, and Matt closed his eyes. He waited, Russian Pedo then yes, you heard to rip a sheet of silver, felt the weight of the body of Ben solution for him, even lined upper body breathe as one, then he felt the peak heavy cock now push rubber Ben went through in your post. then major axis Ben thick and pierced him. Matt opened his thighs and the bound body of Ben and his lower body out of bed to allow Ben to lean forward to go deeper. hasNDS Ben grabbed the hair on your chest, moan of anguish, as he felt that the hard pile carpet on the stage of Ben down against his balls. " Are you okay? " Ben asked. " Yes. " Matt swallowed. " Give me a minute to get used to you. " The hand of his s felt the top of the nightstand. "Just a minute. " His finger closed around the vase. rough fingers Ben closed around him. Ben 's eyes were unreadable, , however. Matt took his hand to his lips and kissed her on the finger slowly one by one. Matt 's breath caught. Ben 's warm breath on your skin was a impeccable sense of why some inexplicable reason, Matt eyes water. Then Ben kissed him mouth to mouth. When Matt opened his mouth, tongue Ben slipped inside Matt greeted him, kissed Ben. Ben then began pumping, slow retreat of the long wave in the slowly dying, Matt wanted to scream to. If only the tip of Ben 's cock was submerged beats Matt the year, Ben slowly toppled. " I can not get used to Russian Pedo that," Ben muttered. "is not soUp, or I'll kill you, Russian Pedo " Matt said, his hands now extend Ben hard rolls, urged him in his constant pumping. He was the strong man balls slammed into her buttocks, in the approximate characteristics of Ben as the delight s husband tried to control his orgasm rising. "Faster,dammit ! You are killed me. " ", always willing to please, " gasped Ben and Matt cried. Do not stop to mourn in unbearable ecstasy, as Ben crashed home hard. The man was like a engine sex fucking her hips and slammed into Matt hitting the crotch wet sounds of sex, as if muffled his cock, Matt again gutting over and over until Matt thought he would burst into flames. bent Russian Pedo the and Ben pushed back to tail, were near the man crushed balls against her buttocks, then when Ben retired. "wait! Dammit, I left you fall so hard, " said Ben. " Let me go out with him again. " Matt pulled Ben 's face to hers and kissed him so hard, lips bleeding. " Fuck the rubber ! "Matt said. "I'm pumped ! " forced to Ben. The rubber was reduced to half, and Ben stopped only to have the thing down, and then I was screaming at the incomparable feeling of her naked flesh hot wet hole sunk Matt. Vio a Matt apologetically, even raised his balls as soon buried his now drew his cock to the hilt, and then came the uncontrollable orgasm, in long streaks wrong with this ass spasms drained that until the last away from it. " You want money ? Is why against? " Asked Ben if he could speak. Matt looked questioningly at Ben, his own bad hair, his breath barely under control. Her ass still feels like there's a fire. " No, it is charity. Of course, for the money, stupid. " Ben saw Matt, his face serious. " What is it? " When Ben stared, Matt pushes his finger hairy chest by Ben s. "What, Ben? " " I have no money. A lot of it. " " So? " It Ben a deep breath, as if to calm their nerves. " Why not me andour select instead? Try to fool me as did Jonathan. Marry me for my money n. " Matt laughed. " You are very funny. " Ben stared at the man laughing. He wondered why it is as if it had been just lost everything precious to him in this world. FOUR " still love him. I'm going to marry him. "brother Ben looked murderer. " I was trying to Russian Pedo cheat you. " " Really? I want it. He is good in bed, and loves to watch baseball. " " This is not enough to start a marriage, " Ben said through clenched teeth. " So what ? "N " I hardly know, Matt ! "Exclaimed Ben. " You do not know, loves pistachio ice and thinks the best place in Marseille world. I do not know if he becomes the nose, is excited. You do not know how much he has suffered in the past and how it hides the pain just ignore him. Fuck it, Jon, do not even feel the maddening joy if he laughs at your jokes, irritation preferred the Mets been more than in baseball night while you will feel as if all you will ever need, because you do smile? You feel a comment gratitude that he even knows your name, because it's fascinating that mixture of anger and Paradise each. No fucking idea he has, and no you deserve! " silence greeted his outburst. " If you want this guy so bad, why drag it to the police? Jon S asked. NYPD Precinct 34 was quite surprised when one of the richest man in the world broke the door and looked disheveled and exhausted, his tie wrong. the man saw the officer, who had fallen log Matthew arrest Damon. " You, I will not press charges. " Shouted the man in practice. "Nobody pushes fees, which I hear? That" " But -. " Then Matt Damon in the men's room "thanks but I'll just out anyway. Your brother has agreed not to press - Whoa ! Ben, we are in a public place ! Ben! BEN! " Damon Matthew was Carried on the man's shoulder like a sack of coal, that was the last time a police station with always adorned in a while.
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